Professionals Most Common Question


  • Prescribing Ziferon as drug for treatment of MS does not interfere with using any of Covid 19 vaccines  available.
  • In case of active MS,treatment can continue ,otherwise using this drug in pregnancy is not recommended.
  • To check the efficacy of treatment with interferons ,the test is not recommended.


  • Glatiramer unlike interferons does not need titration at the beginning of treatment.Some clinical evidence indicate to reduce atypical reactions due to injection,upon doctor discretion dose can start with 20mg at the beginning of treatment and then gradually be increased.
  • Before starting the treatment and in case there are suspected symptoms indicating liver reactions(abdominal pain,nausea and vomiting)such tests should be taken.
  • Since there is not reliable information about the amount of drug secreted in mother milk,given the chemical structure of the drug, its use in nursing,if needed, is not banned.


  • No.The contents of Texifoma capsule should not be removed from its capsule shell.
  • For better tolerance of the patients ,the period can vary from one week to one month.
  • About nonlive vaccines in case there is no severe lymphopenia, there is no problem.Using live  weakened vaccines while under treatment with Texifoma is not recommended.


  • No.Dose titration for Tebazio is not needed and the tablet should be swallowed whole.


  • No.The only indication for use of Alsava is in ALS.
  • No.In the patient using Alsava the level of FVC should be over 80% of the predicted value.
  • No.The infusion is done in one hour and the longer the period ,the more possibility of destruction of drug in the environment.
  • Alsava  works by neutralizing the destructive effects of free radicals that are produced in ischemic stroke and can be used as off-label in this disease.


  • Yes. Depending on the indications of drug,titration is needed.Furthermore,in such patients the drug should be used after hemodialysis.

-Before starting  and in patients with no history of suffering ,checking varicella zoster antibody is recommended and in case of low levels,vaccination would preferably be useful.

  • Tofaxha decreases inflammation of immunity cells and the effects of inflammatory secretory factors  to help with treatment of skin diseases like alopecia areata,vitiligo,plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis as off label.


Yes.100mg film coated tablets can be dissolved in water or apple juice by stirring without crushing the tablet and immediately taking the suspension.

-It  is more probable with high doses and in patients over 65.In more reported cases the reactions were mild to moderate and did not require to stop treatment.In patients with chronic diseases, cardiac conditions,kidney and liver function should help in determining to continue or discontinue treatment.


  • No.Severe drug interactions of erlotinib with such drugs exists and using such drugs is contraindicated.Antiacids can be used by observing the interval before or after Arloza.

Yes.Dissolve 150mg tablet in 100cc of water and take immediately.In case of using feeding tube,it should be made of silicone.